About us

About us
Who are we? What do we do? And most important, why?

We are with you since FedCon 16 and our task is to produce the official event DVDs for all the different conventions from FedCon Gmbh, Augsburg. Though most of us are real-life professionals who work in the film industry we are not out to make the big profit here. We are just a bunch of enthusiastic and motivated fans like you who set out to document and preserve the various conventions for guests and those who stayed home. Due to our endeavor to offer you a high-quality and professionally produced DVD and because of the fact that we just sell a few hundred DVD from each convention we are not really in for the big profit here. All that remains will be used to buy hard drives, for computer upgrades and upcoming productions. To continue we need your help and your cooperation. Support us, advertise us, give us tips and suggestions, feedback us. The five-digit production costs have to be brought in every single time anew. Meanwhile our DVDs offer runtimes of over 12 hours - if you recalculate that again for yourself you will undoubtably see immediately that the selling prices of our DVDs are more that adequate.

And for those who want to know more about us and our favorite colors, just go ahead:

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