Infos regarding shipping during coronavirus

Infos regarding shipping during coronavirus

Due to Covid-19 the German post office restricted shipping to all countries outside Germany. Standard mail that doesn't contain importan documents won't be shipped. That also affects jiffy bags which we use for shipping.
Everything that needs to be shipped, must be shipped as a parcel in a cardboard box, which means the shipping costs are tripled (EU) or quintupled (worldwide).

So, if you order from outside Germany, there are two possibilities:
* usual postage (3€), will be shipped as soon as we're allowed to
* higher postage (EU 9€/worldwide 16€), will be shipped right away

Please still expect the shipping to take a little longer than usual as everything takes a little longer these days. In our experience shipping can take up to 4 weeks (depending on how far away from Germany you live), now it might be even longer. So please refrain from asking where your DVD is after a few days. Please wait 3 weeks if you live in the EU and 5 weeks if you live outside the EU. Best/fastest would be a message through our facebook page. Thank you. 

On that note stay healthy and wash your hands ;-) And have fun watching the DVDs.