FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


  • What about regional codes? And what about the television standard (PAL/ NTSC)?

The DVDs are coded regional code free and hence will play everywhere. Solely a few old DVDs have region code 2 (Europe). Television standard is PAL. 
If you're living in a country with NTSC (e.g. USA or Japan), please check if your player also supports PAL. Software players on PC/Laptops normally support both. 
You don't know what's the television standard in your country? Check here at Wikipedia if you have PAL / NTSC


  • Why is panel XY so short? / Why can't we have the whole panel? / Why is my question not on the DVD? 

As you can see in the product descriptions, our DVDs got longer from year to year, to let you see more of the convention. But an entire convention unfortunately doesn't fit on the DVDs. An entire convention is about 20-30 hours long, 4 day conventions even more. Depending on quality there can be 3-4 hours on a disc. A box with 10 discs would give you the entire show, but it would be too expensive. 
But on the bright side: If you were in the audience and felt ashamed for someone else's questions/actions, a question was asked thrice, there was an awkward silence or boredom on stage, you don't need to survive it a second time. 
We try to put those parts on the DVD of which we think they are most interesting, funny or entertaining for you.


  • Why is the DVD so "expensive"? They are like 10 bucks at BestBuy.

First: we aren't expensive. Just compare. For 10 bucks you get a case with one Disc, we usually have two or three. For 10 bucks you get a movie and maybe some specials, altogether that are 130 minutes on average. That's about 8 cents per minute. From us you get e.g. 720 Minutes (RingCon 2015) for 25 bucks. Thats about 3 cents per minute.
Second: The 10 bucks movie was probably running in cinemas before and already covered its production costs with it. We can only do this with sales. In addition to that the 10 bucks movie has a millionfold number of copies of which hundreds of thousands will be sold. Through the number of copies the costs of duplicating are on a minimum. And through the numerous sales there will be a big sum of money pretty soon. But we only sell a few hundreds of copies from each convention. So to lower the price there would need to be a multiplication of sales. 


  • Why is there no Blu-ray version? 

It's much more expensive to produce a Blu-ray than it is to produce a DVD because you need some licences. On a number of occasions we conducted surveys if Blu-rays are requested. For some of you it was, but just for such a little number that if won't pay off for the moment. If we were to sell 1.000 DVDs and 800 Blu-rays - fine. But with the current 400 DVDs per convention, that would not work. Our storage is bursting already because you always have to take 1.000 copies from the replication facility as a minimum.
Plus 1.000 DVDs plus licence fees for maybe 50 interested buyers - we think you get the picture. But we are planning to offer you Blu-rays on request for selected events. When the time has come, we will announce it on facebook and with our newsletter. 


  • Why can't we just download panels etc.? 

Unfortunately copying is still our biggest enemy that puts the productions at risk every year, because we can barely cover the costs. Members of the crew, who weren't recognized as such, even witnessed on Star Trek meetings how 20 times copied DVDs were dispensed to everyone. We were also approached at the convention itself if we had interest in a copy of the DVD. If interested we could have put down our name in a special copy list. A possibility to download would ease the possibility to copy. Which would decrease the sales even more. Then we would have to terminate productions. And the copy guys would not have anything left to copy.
Plus we would like to issue a product that can be taken in hand, collected and put on the shelf. 
Furthermore a pay-to-download portal would be pretty expensive (Webspace, Traffic, developing, administration). 
And last but not least we would need to talk about rights because online distribution is a totally other thing.


  • Can you also film at my convention/event?

Of course, we are open for all new things. Just write us an email to info@fedcon-tv.de and introduce us to your project. We will get back to you with a suggestion for a realisation.